Teacher Resources

open-book-symbol-mdResource Binder - The Toolkit gives educators lesson ideas and fun facts about our local, state and national parks, wildlife refuges, forests, monuments, and historical sites.



Musical - Use Buddy's musical to improve fluency, diction, and to inspire creative expression. It has been used as a reader's theatre or full production. Have the students design and make their on props and set.


icones 00298Buddy Bison's Google Map - Track him where ever he roams. Have your students email pictures and a short description to to have their adventure posted on Buddy's Map.


booksignBuddy Bison Stories - Buddy's stories are ready to be illustrated. Your students will have fun drawing his adventures and learning new vocabulary!


Buddy Bison Coloring Page - Color Buddy and take him with you on your next adventure


Activity Sheet - Need a quick rainy day activity? Why not learn about our parks and open spaces?

adventurebookimageBuddy Bison's Adventure Book - Need help planning an outdoor activity? This book will help you plan your next adventure. 


Buddy Bison's Buzz - Have your students write to Buddy about their adventure in a park or anything outdoors! Their work could be featured in the next Buddy Bison's Buzz and they could become national published authors! 

Only available in the Buddy Bison Toolkit:

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