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    Save the date! The 5th annual Kids to Parks Day 2015 is May 16th.


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  • We celebrated our 4th annual Kids to Park Day on Saturday, May 17, 2014 and want to thank you for joining us in this national movement that engages children with parks, nature, and healthy outdoor play.

    States, cities and towns across the country participated by proclaiming May 17th as Kids to Parks Day. We are already excited for Kids to Parks Day 2015. Below you will find a proclamation template. Please consider proclaiming May 16th, 2015 as Kids to Park Day in your community and showcase the great outdoor recreation activities available for your residents! 



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Deerfield Elementary Learns to Keep Our Waterways Clean

The students from Deerfield Run Elementary School in Laurel, MD went to a nearby stream to check its water quality using nets and bowls. The first thing they observed was that the water wasn't very clear. So, they immediately used one of the bowls to take a sample of the water. It was green. The kids and their Buddy Bison teacher Seth hunted for microorganisms for 30-40 minutes but the only things they found were shells and dead organisms. The Deerfield students learned that it is very hard for most organisms to survive in areas that are polluted. 


The Deerfield Trail Blazers

Last year, teacher Seth Tucker and the students at Deerfield Run Elementary School in Laurel , MD blazed a nature trail in the woods behind their school! The students built the ¼ mile trail in the woods by raking leaves, clearing roots, cutting branches, and pulling weeds. Recently, I visited Deerfield , where a new group – The Green Leaders – is making a trail guide to educate others about the trails ecosystem. They are also sending letters to other Buddy Bison schools telling them about their experiences and encouraging them to build their own trails.

The Deerfield students said: “We built a trail because we want other kids at our school to learn about nature. Also we wanted to learn more about nature and conservation ourselves. We hope to leave a legacy at our school.”

I had a wonderful time exploring this trail! Great job Deerfield !

Fifth graders from Deerfield Elementary (Laurel, MD) hiking on their newly built trail.