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Bullis Students Use Multiple Intelligences to Explore Nature

Bullis Students Use Multiple Intelligences to Explore Nature

Bullis School (MD) teachers often find inventive ways to incorporate nature and Buddy Bison into classroom learning. Read how Buddy Bison and students used language, kinesthetics, and visual art to explore a local park.

Written by Cadyn

This article is about the third grade field trip that we took to Locust Grove Nature Center last Tuesday. There were three groups and three stations.

Station 1 was Mrs. Cohen's group which was the writing and drama group. We did descriptive writing about what we saw on our way to a big tree, where we sat and wrote. We also became the tree and other parts of the park like the water and mud by using drama. Then we did tree bark pictures. They are pictures where you hold a piece of paper against the tree and use a crayon to rub the paper.

Station 2 was Ms. Powell's group. Ms. Powell's group was the exploration group. We went on a little hike. We used compasses and filled out a worksheet with lots of questions. Station 3 was Ms. Gillette's group. This was the sketching group. We sketched some of the nature that we saw or what we thought the park would look like in the spring and summer.