• Watch this video from Kids to Parks Day 2014. 
    Save the date! The 5th annual Kids to Parks Day 2015 is May 16th.


    Register your kid-friendly park event below. It is not necessary to create a new event, consider co-branding programs that your park has already planned. 



  • Families, Kids, and Adults


  • We celebrated our 4th annual Kids to Park Day on Saturday, May 17, 2014 and want to thank you for joining us in this national movement that engages children with parks, nature, and healthy outdoor play.

    States, cities and towns across the country participated by proclaiming May 17th as Kids to Parks Day. We are already excited for Kids to Parks Day 2015. Below you will find a proclamation template. Please consider proclaiming May 16th, 2015 as Kids to Park Day in your community and showcase the great outdoor recreation activities available for your residents! 



Website Resources

Use these websites to learn about the parks in your area. 


Plan Your Park Trip!
Whether you're looking for that perfect spot to hike, bike and swim or take a history lesson, there are so many fun things you can do with your family in a national park.

reconnect Reconnect with Nature
Make the pledge to play outside for at least one green hour a day. Take pictures. How did you spend your green hour with Buddy Bison?
naturerocks Nature Rocks
Playing in nature is free and fun. Let’s explore and bring Buddy Bison along.
discoverforrest Discover the Forest
Learn where to take Buddy Bison, what sounds animals make and how to use a compass. Plus print the book – "What to Do Outside."
takebuddy Take Buddy Bison to a National Park
Discover what national parks are close to you. Where will you take Buddy Bison? Check to see if there is a Junior Park Ranger program at your local park.
webranger Do You Want to Be a WebRanger?
Before taking Buddy to the parks, play more than 50 games, earn badges and learn all about the national parks.
iloveparks I Love Parks
This website, created by a park ranger, lists all the state and national parks where you can take Buddy Bison.
stateparks State Parks
An easy site that directs you to parks all across the country. Simply click on a state, then click on a region.
wonderfulwildlife Wonderful Wildlife
Click on your state and find out all about your National Wildlife Refuges. See if you and Buddy can spot any wildlife.
findevents Find Events In Your Area
To find events, simply type in your location. Bring Buddy Bison to the events in your area.


Go Outside and Take Pictures
Share your Buddy Bison photos on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services mosaic.