• Watch this video to learn more about the mission and programs of NPT, and how your support is preserving parks today and cultivating tomorrow's park stewards.

    Mapping our progress


  • For the past three decades, NPT has supported and assisted in acquiring inholdings and in developing public and private partnerships to promote the acquisition and protection of parks, wildlife refuges, historic landmarks, public lands, and waterways.

  • The future of our nation's treasured parks, public lands and other open spaces rests in the hands of our youth. Through NPT's widely respected and rapidly growing kids to parks initiatives and Buddy Bison youth education program, everyone will be provided with the American Park experience they deserve.

Buddy Bison Students Begin Park Restoration

Zion photo 4-22This past March, NPT began its new multi-year partnership with the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park & Preserve. Through 2017 NPT and the NPS will be working to replant native foliage at the Chalmette Battlefield and National Cemetery. Click here to learn more.