Register your kid-friendly park event below. It is not necessary to create a new event, consider promoting and co-branding programs already in existence in your park on our around May 10- 25th. 



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  • We are excited to celebrate our 4th annual Kids to Park Day on Saturday, May 17, 2014 and invite your city to join us for this national movement that engages children with parks, nature, and healthy outdoor play.

    Cities and towns across the country can make the pledge to participate by proclaiming May 17th as National Kids to Parks Day. Below you will find a proclamation template. Please consider proclaiming May 17th as Kids to Park Day in your community and showcase the great outdoor recreation activities available for your residents! 



Gorenflo Elementary School

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Gulf Area Schools See the Swamp, Marsh and Sea

The following day, students from Gorenflo Elementary in Biloxi, MS took a trip to the Gulf Islands National Seashore where they participated in a variety of exciting activities. They explored the exhibits in the Visitor Center, threw out some cast-nets and caught a few shrimp, and went on a walk through a marshland.