About Buddy Bison™

About Buddy Bison™

Jefferson Houston Nov 2010We are National Park Trust (NPT), the nation’s only organization dedicated to the completion, and appreciation, of the American system of National and State Parks through the identification of key land acquisition needs and opportunities.

We are not content with merely building out the system of parks; our vision is based on the belief that there is a necessity to get people to visit parks, and a particular necessity to get young people to have an American Park Experience. That is why our Where's Buddy Bison?® School Program directly engages students with our nation's parks through park trips and in class activities.

Explore this site to find many ways to connect your students and other children in your life to the fascinating natural world.


 "Where we ought to be is with Buddy Bison and kids together, exploring our public lands. I am one among the ranks of so many other educators who are thankful that NPT, along with Buddy Bison, has taken our kids from ought to be to actually being in, learning from and enjoying our parks." - Richard Lodish, former principal of Sidwell Friends Lower School in Bethesda, MD.

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    Welcome to a new school year! 
    As you settle into your normal school routine this year, don't forget to make time for you and your children to enjoy our nation's parks. Read more from Parents Magazine.

  • Parents-teacherrotatingoutdoorclassroom
    Getting Close to Our Wild Neighbors
    "I caught another one!" I heard this phrase a lot when the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City were catching toads on August 19th at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Galloway, NJ. Read more...


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