Buddy and the Flamingos at Glen Echo- Dec 2011

Spending the Day with the Kindergarten Flamingos from Beauvoir

Buddy and a friend from Beauvoir (Washington D.C.) collecting sticks and leaves.
Buddy and a friend from Beauvoir collecting sticks and leaves.

December 2011

This month, kindergarten students from BeauvoirNational Cathedral Elementary School in Washington D.C. brought me along on their field trip to Living Classrooms at Glen Echo. Afterwards they wrote a summary of our day! Here is what the Kindergarten Flamingos had to say:

"We learned all about animal architects, the animals that design and build their own homes. Buddy met a painted turtle, who digs a home with her sharp claws, and also a rose-haired tarantula who lives in a burrow but spins a special web."

"Then we took Buddy on a hike through the woods where we looked for animal homes. When we looked up, we saw several dreys (that’s a home for a squirrel made of leaves). We collected sticks, leaves, and other natural materials to create our own animal homes. Buddy loved visiting the homes we created. He thought they would keep him warm and dry!"

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