Buddy Bison at Beauvoir- Mar 2011

Buddy Bison at Beauvoir, A Third Grade Essay

March 2011

People are taking Buddy Bison on many adventures to playgrounds and parks. We can bring him home from school in a special bag that has a notebook in it where you can write about all of your adventures with Buddy. There is also a camera in the bag. Buddy keeps people thinking about nature and loves to go to the parks, especially when he sees how people try to stay green. He helps kids learn to be greener by turning off lights and recycling paper. He loves nature. He’ll love coming home with you! So don’t forget to bring him home on the weekends and don’t forget to bring him back! Each classroom has its own Buddy Bison so everyone can take him home.

Also, Buddy Bison recently traveled with Beauvoir National Cathedral Elementary School (DC) students to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and learned about a different kind of green—money!
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