Buddy Bison's Field Trip with Beauvoir- Jan 2011

Buddy Bison’s Field Trip to National Cathedral with Beauvoir Elementary

January 2011

Students from Beauvoir, National Cathedral Elementary School in Washington, D.C. often take Buddy Bison along when they explore outdoors. Recently, 1st grade students visited the historic landmark right next door to their school, the National Cathedral.

Written by Beauvoir 1st Grade’s First Graders brought Buddy on a field trip to the National Cathedral. Buddy and the Coyotes learned about the organ and the High Altar. We learned that the organ has four different keyboards, and there is another kind of keyboard on the floor. Buddy Bison and the Coyotes learned that the longest pipe is almost the same size as a school bus. All the organ’s pipes are not in the same place. They are all over the National Cathedral! Some of the pipes are hidden in the tall, dark arches. There are more than ten thousand pipes in the organ. The organ plays by air by big fans that are underneath the floor. Some of the pipes that were broken were making air sounds—we could hear them if we were very, very quiet, and we were not supposed to hear more
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