School Nurse in Australia - 2012

School Nurse in Australia

Magnetic-Island-1-2Buddy Bison visited Australia over Beauvoir Spring Break, but it was fall in Australia. Buddy visited Queensland in north eastern Australia where it was warm and tropical. Buddy visited the Billabong Wildlife Sanctuary and met kangaroos, koalas, ducks, turtles, and reptiles too. Buddy also visited the city of Townsville and went to The Strand by the ocean. He met the Lifeguards and watched the swimmers in the ocean from the jet ski. He also learned about "Stingers" or jelly fish, as many are poisonous in the oceans this time of year in Australia. Buddy also played on the cool zip wire right next to the water and looked out at Magnetic Island which was discovered by Captain James Cook. Buddy had a fabulous adventure.

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