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Hey Kids,

Did you know July is National Park and Recreation Month? There is no better way to enjoy the outdoors this summer than visiting a park near you! Hiking, biking, swimming, running, climbing, kayaking – there are endless activities you can do. Visit as many parks as you can! This month, we are offering a summer special: when you get your own Buddy Bison and a T-shirt, we'll throw in a lanyard for free! See the special coupon below! Take me with you when you explore and email your photos and stories to buddy@buddybison.org. Have your parents help you out!

Happy adventuring,

Buddy Bison

“Spelunking” at the Mojave National Preserve

Recently, students from Lenwood Elementary School in Barstow, CA spent two days exploring and camping at the Mojave National Preserve. A highlight of the trip was going “spelunking”, which means exploring a cave. The students visited a cave called the Lava Tube.

Just getting to the Lava Tube Cave is an adventure. Their bus made a slow journey on two miles of the old Mojave Road – a historic trade and travel route that is now a popular 4-wheel drive road. The rough ride in the school bus gave the students an idea of how difficult stagecoach travel must have been over this same route.

At the Lava Tube, everyone descended into the cave entrance on a metal ladder. Then, one by one, students crouched down and aimed their flashlights into the darkness. After a short walk, the group emerged into the large “room” inside the cave. The rangers described how the cave was formed: during a lava flow the surface lava cools first, forming a hard crust, while the lava below continues to flow. The ceiling of this lava tube has a hole in it, allowing light to penetrate. Everyone loves to be in this natural spotlight – especially me!

National Park Trust provided funding for the students to go on this great trip. I'm glad everyone had such a good time!

St. Ignatius Loyola Takes on the Tetons

Three students from St. Ignatius Loyola Academy in Baltimore, MD – Evan, Tyishawn and Damontay – spent two weeks at the Teton Science Schools. The schools, which are in Wyoming, offer environmental education in Grand Teton National Park to students from around the world. The three students were joined by St. Ignatius Principal John Ciccone and brought me along too! They also visited Yellowstone National Park which is also in Wyoming – a state which is home to tons of bison like me.

Speaking of Yellowstone National Park, I was pleased to be the featured product at their Visitor Center! I am being sold in parks across the country – have you spotted me yet? If not, find me at my website!

Adventurer of the Month – Tiffany from North Carolina

Congratulations to my Adventurer of the Month for July – Tiffany from North Carolina! Tiffany took me along as she explored the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Here is what she had to say about her trip:

“Kitty Hawk was inspiring because it was where the first flight took place. Orville Wright once said that ‘Not in a thousand years will man ever fly!’ but he and his brother still made it happen with patience and persistence. It just proves that anything is possible!”

Tiffany attends the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where she studies geography. She travels to national parks often and hopes to work for one in the near future! As Adventurer of the Month, Tiffany will win a Buddy Bison T-shirt and official certificate. Tiffany, best of luck on your future adventures!

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Buddy Bison tells kids to "Explore outdoors, the parks are yours!" Kids (and adults) love taking Buddy with them to parks and snapping a few photos. When you buy Buddy Bison you help send a kid to a park through our Kids to Parks National Scholarship Fund!

National Park Trust features these photos on Facebook, Twitter and the Where's Buddy Bison Been? map!

Once you get your own Buddy, snap some shots and email them to buddy@buddybison.org!

Parent / Teacher Corner

Buddy Bison's Bucket List

How many of our national parks have you visited? There are nearly 400 parks, historic sites and monuments across the country, and they all provide a unique park experience for the entire family.

National Park Trust and Buddy Bison want to know how many of these parks you’ve checked off your “bucket list”! Last month we received photos from a 4-year-old named Chase who drove with his family (and Buddy Bison) across the southern part of the country, stopping at parks along the way. You can view pictures from his adventure here.

Encourage your kids and students to get excited about visiting our nation’s parks, forests, wildlife refuges, and other natural areas so they can check off their own “bucket lists”! Make sure they bring Buddy Bison along for the ride!

"Get Wild" for Park and Recreation Month this July!

Did you make it out to a park this June? If not, don’t worry, July is National Park and Recreation Month! The National Recreation and Park Association is inviting you to "Get Wild" during the month of July at a local park! Everything from wild workouts and wellness to getting wet and wild at the pool or even wild with nature – you just can’t help but have fun this July, all while expressing the many valuable benefits of parks and recreation!

Need help locating a park near you? Visit www.buddybison.org for all kinds of useful tips!

Summer Park Adventure 101

Are you ready to get outside this summer, but don’t know where to start? Here are some tips to help you plan your park adventure:

1. Map it out! Go to www.kidstoparks.org to find a park near you and check out Buddy Bison’s Adventure Booklet for a list of fun things to do.
2. Pack your bags – and set out on your park adventure! Make sure to bring lots of water, sunscreen, healthy snacks like an apple, carrots or trail mix (Here’s a fun All-American Park Trail Mix you can make with your kids) don’t forget your camera to take photos of your trip! Send them to buddy@buddybison.org when you get home!
3. Stop by the park’s Visitor Center – make sure to talk to a ranger or other member of the park staff to find out if there are any programs available for your family like nature hikes, craft projects and even live animal presentations! Also, don’t forget to pick up a map – walking the trails can be a great way to give your kids a history or science lesson and get moving!
4. If organized events aren’t your thing, you can always find a shady spot, roll out a blanket and read with your children or have them complete Buddy Bison’s Adventure Booklet!























Buddy Bison wants you to visit, explore and protect our nation’s parks. Bring him along as you roam and tell everyone Where Buddy Bison’s Been!

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