Buddy Bison's Buzz - December 2012

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Bear Creek Lake State Park, VA Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area
 Medaryville, IN 
Reelfoot Lake State Park, TN
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Hey Kids!

As winter break begins, don't forget that your outdoor adventures can still continue. The winter season brings new opportunities to enjoy -- from      ice-fishing to snowboarding to hiking.  This month, you'll read about the awesome adventures my fellow Buddy "Bisoneers" participated in from St. Ignatius Loyola Academy (MD), Discovery Charter School (IN), and Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School (DC). Just remember to bundle up and stay warm outside and send me your stories and photos!

Happy adventuring!

Buddy Bison

Warming up for the Appalachian Trail.
Explorers learning the history of the trail.

Mountaineers in Maryland! 

Earlier this month, my friends from St. Ignatius Loyola Academy’s Explorers Club in Baltimore, MD ventured off to West Virginia to fulfill their inner- mountaineering desire to hike the Appalachian Trail. Here’s what Khalil, my fellow 6th-grade explorer, wrote about this trip:

On our trip we hiked on the Appalachian Trail. In total we hiked 5 miles. After we got off of the Appalachian Trail we went into town and learned about how life was in Harpers Ferry…At the end of the trip I just reflected on how much fun it was to have the experience with my brothers on this trip. 

Click here to read more stories from the Explorers Club's trip! And start your own Buddy Bison Explorers Club in your school!
Sandhill Cranes 
Buddy Bisons friends taking               pictures of the migration.

It's a bird...it's a crane...It's the Sandhill Migration!

Migration is a magnificent natural wonder that takes place in different corners of the world.  My friends and family from Discovery Charter School (IN) had a short drive to northeast Indiana to see the migration of the Sandhill Cranes. Mitchell, a 6th grader from Discovery said,

IIt was the bird apocalypse -- they were everywhere!  It was truly an amazing sight!

Every year, during the spring and fall, these majestic birds migrate between their summer breeding grounds in Wisconsin and their winter homes in Florida and Georgia. The Sandhill Cranes always manage to schedule a layover in Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area to re-fuel and say hello to their Buddy Bison friends in Indiana.

 Here's what Caleb had to add about the migration:

 It was an awesome experience to see that many cranes.  I thought there might be 100, but there were two fields full of them.  If you go to see the cranes you'd be amazed.

Camping with Buddy Bison.


My 2nd-grade friend Katie from Beauvoir, The National Cathedral Elementary School (DC), stood her ground as she was determined to enjoy her camping experience as Frankenstorm Sandy lingered close by.  Below is Katie's story:

I went camping with my friends.  The first thing I did was went on a hike.  We saw so many rockhills.  My friend Sofia wanted to climb them so we did.  It was so much fun.  Buddy thought it was fun too! We loved the top even though I thought it was hard to get up.  We also hiked in waterfalls.  It was beautiful! Daddy set up our tent.  We made a fire to cook hotdogs and to roast marshmallows.  It was so windy when we were sleeping because the Frankenstorm was coming.  In the morning we woke up and started cleaning up our tent because we wanted to be cleaned up before it rained.  We sat by the fire and had fruit muffins.  I played with my friends a little longer before going home.

Katie, thank you for sharing your exciting adventure with me!

Daina Keele Adventure of the Month
Sarah and Buddy Bison

December's "Adventurer of the Month" goes to...

...Sarah Bardberry from Tennessee!  Thank you for taking Buddy Bison along on your quest to visit every state park in Tennessee!  With Sarah’s help, Buddy Bison is only six parks short of visiting the state's 55 parks! -- and all since July 2012!   

As our Adventurer of the Month, Sarah will receive a Buddy Bison Adventure Pack and an official Buddy Bison certificate.  Submit your pictures and maybe you will be selected as the next Adventurer of the Month!

Kids to Parks Day School Contest Winners.

Kids to Parks Day       School Contest

Attention all schools in the U.S.!  Would you like to be one of the lucky schools selected to win a scholarship for your park experience?  Be sure to visit www.kidstoparks.org in January to apply for our Kids to Parks Day School Contest.  Here’s what one lucky Dana Elementary School (NC) student  said in her winning 2012 contest entry:

We want to help our society by helping the park services, we love to learn about nature, we are excited to learn about Carl Sandburg, many of our classmates haven’t been there before and some of us do not have enough money to go.



Save the Date:           National Kids to Parks Day is Saturday, May 18, 2013!


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First Day Hikes in ALL 50 States on New Years Day!


National Kids to Parks Day collaborator, America's State Parks, announced that all 50 state park systems will sponsor First Day Hike programs on January 1st, 2013.  

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