Water and a Little Sunshine!

Water and a Little Sunshine!



 Watering plants at the Washington Youth Garden.   Tasting beans in the garden.

 With the support of SunTrust Foundation, 50 preschool students from Sunshine Early Learning Center explored the U.S. National Arboretum. Throughout the day they experienced the many different areas of the Arboretum including the Fern Valley, Youth Garden, and the Capitol Columns.

The programs at the Youth Garden connected garden science, with songs and movement about bees. Children had the opportunity to use trowels, water vegetables, and hold worms. There were great conversations as children picked and tasted in the garden, "I like it!," "I don't like it!," and "Yum... that's sweet." The connection with nature encouraged children to eat foods they otherwise might have turned down. 

NPT Board member Fred Walls who attended the trip noted, “Experiencing the outdoors with the children and seeing their eyes light up with discovery is what it (Buddy Bison) is all about. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute and participate in such a rewarding activity.”

Thanks to SunTrust Foundation, Sunshine Early Learning Center was welcomed as the first preschool in the Buddy Bison program in 2012. Students have participated in a variety of educational activities that focus on stewardship and healthy outdoor recreation.

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