Beauvoir Keeps BB Busy- Sep 2011

Beauvoir Keeps Buddy Bison Busy! 

September 2011

Students and teachers at Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School love Buddy Bison!  Beauvoir is a private school in Washington D.C. All of the students from preschool to third grade participate in the Where's Buddy Bison Been? program. 

The preschoolers, whose class is called ‘The Whales’, wrote a whole story about Buddy Bison and drew pictures to illustrate it.  They used the theme from the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie….  Instead they titled their story, If You Give Buddy Bison the Whale Class... In their book, the students describe all the fun things that happen when you give The Whales a Buddy Bison. Click here to read their story and see their totally cute illustrations.

Each year, second graders go on a river study where they study the local rivers and visit national parks in the Washington D.C. area to learn about and experience rivers and natural habitats.  Through their studies, they learn to be thoughtful, good caretakers of the environment and their local habitat.  Check out their awesome river paintings!

River Scape artRiver Scape artRiver Scape art
River Scape artRiver Scape art

Beauvoir's Primary Division Director, Jalene Spain Thomas took Buddy Bison this summer on a cross country adventure that included 8 national parks and Mexico!  That makes Buddy Bison want to sing:  

from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters – this land was made for you and me! 

Here are some of her pictures:

We would like to give a big shout out to Beauvoir teacher Roya Fardoust, who teaches at Beauvoir, for being such a great ambassador for Buddy Bison at her school!

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