Buddy Bison's Adventurer of the Month – March 2012

In HelicopterManawaiopuna Falls

For the first time I have selected two Adventurers of the Month! Congratulations to Sonia (age 8) and Devin (age 5), siblings who attend Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School in Washington, DC – one of our Buddy Bison schools. Their family recently took an amazing trip to Kauai, one of the islands of Hawaii. Here is what 2nd grader Sonia had to say about the trip:

"My family and I went to Kauai, which is one of the islands of Hawaii. We took Buddy Bison on a helicopter ride to a waterfall called Manawaiopuna. We had to wear blue cover-up shoes and lifejackets for safety when we were in the helicopter. Buddy learned that when it rained a lot at Manawaiopuna it created floods. Did you know that the fall's water was only rainwater and that it rained the most in Kauai than anywhere else in the world? When Buddy Bison was at the waterfall, he was plugging his ears because the fall sounded so loud; it sounded like turning a big rain stick really fast. Buddy also saw lots of cool plants around the island. He loved the bobo tree."

Sonia and Devin will both receive a Buddy Bison T-shirt and official Adventurer of the Month certificate! Are you my next Adventurer of the Month? All you need to do is write a summary of one your recent adventure and have your parents or teacher send it to!

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