NPT Applauds National Park Director Opening Parks to Nation

Park Direction discussed with Conservation Leaders

"For this special Veterans Day weekend, Interior Secretary Gale Norton and I want to invite you to the National Parks. As part of our welcome, we have waived entrance fees to all National Parks that charge them. We hope you enjoy and find inspiration in these uniquely American places." - Fran Mainella, NPS Director

November 7, 2001

mainella5Washington D.C. - Fran Mainella, Director of the National Park Service, announced that the all National Parks will be waiving entrance fees, November 10th –12th, was endorsed by the only charity that owns a national park unit, the National Park Trust.

Mainella's speech was made at a luncheon sponsored by the Natural Resource Council of America (NRCA) in the National Press Club Building on Wednesday, November 7.

Paul Pritchard, President of NPT said, "This Veteran's Day weekend will be a special time for Americans to reflect upon what makes us great, our history, our conservation programs, our leadership. National Parks are not only open spaces but inner spaces for our souls. I would encourage every American to take this weekend as an opportunity to visit our parks and renew our spirits. Mainella understands the deepest value of our parks when she spoke of them as a source of national unity, hope and healing."

Mainella spoke of her philosophies and beliefs in her new role as Director of the National Park Service. "Partnership, education, science and safety" are at the top of the list, she said. We are all now coming to realize that we can't accomplish the mission of preserving, enhancing, and educating Americans about our national system of parks alone. We must come together as a community to realize this goal.

The National Park Trust is the private land conservancy that partners with the National Park Service to provide the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve in Kansas. The national park unit was established in 1996 and is owned by the NPT. "We are proud of this partnership with the NPS and believe it is a model of one way to protect areas of national significance."


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Robin E. Pritchard
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Founded in 1983, National Park Trust is the only land conservancy dedicated to preserving our national system of parks, wildlife and historic monuments.

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