NPT Recognized by TPL for Partnerships

National Park Trust’s important partnership with The Trust for Public Land has resulted in the completion of national park preservation projects including the acquisition of 120 acres within Glacier National Park, 42 acres within Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park and a 30-acre parcel located within Zion National Park. The Tabernacle Dome parcel was acquired in fall 2012 thanks to a major donor, and conveyed to the National Park Service in December 2013.

This month, Marsha Runningen, legislative director of The Trust for Public Land recognized NPT by presenting a framed photograph of Tabernacle Dome in Zion to NPT’s board chair Bill Brownell (center) and land and park preservation committee chair, Jonathan Cohen.

Located on Kolob Terrace at the foot of Tabernacle Dome – a spectacular, steeply rounded peak rising to 6,430 feet from Cave Valley on the western side of the park, the area is popular for its hiking trails, camping and spectacular vistas.  Protection of this property expands public access and ensures that the views cherished by visitors will not be diminished by development. 

"The Trust for Public Land is grateful to National Park Trust for helping us to act quickly to save this land from development. The view of Tabernacle Dome from the Kolob Terrace Road will remain an inspiring sight to be enjoyed by visitors to Zion for generations to come", stated Marsha Runningen. 


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