Make a Custom Puzzle with Education Outdoors and Support the Park Trust

Love puzzles? Visit the link to upload your own picture and create a custom puzzle or choose a national park photo from Park Trust Artist Ambassador Frank Lee Ruggles. Education Outdoors will contribute 10% of the sale to the National Park Trust.

Build A Puzzle With The National Park Trust

  1. Upload a photo from your phone!
  2. Pick your puzzle challenge level (Piece Count: 25, 50 or 120!)
  3. Your image is cut and printed on maple veneer wood to create your original puzzle – 💯 percent made in USA!
  4. We bag your puzzle in a natural burlap bag material (also made in USA 🇺🇸 ) and ship it to you!
  5. Share with your family the fun, challenge and excitement of piecing together your custom designed puzzle.

Puzzle Dimensions: 9” x 12”

Or Choose A Puzzle From Frank Lee Ruggles Artist Ambassador Of The National Park Trust

National Parks Eminent Photographer Frank Lee Ruggles has traveled to all fifty states, hiked over 15,000 miles, venturing off the grid, disappearing into pristine wilderness for days at a time, capturing the unseen wonder of America with nothing but forty-two pounds of camera gear on his back.

Frank shares these images with you so that you may have your own adventure with these National Park Puzzles!

Puzzle Dimensions: 12” x 18”