School Contest

 Contest winners Announcement

 Contest Details: 

  • Students must select a park near their school.
  • Students must research the park to find out what outdoor recreation activities, educational, and park stewardship opportunities.
  • Students must complete the two-page entry form.
  • One entry form can be submitted per class; more than one entry form can be submitted per school.
  • We want to hear from the students, so help them develop their ideas, but allow them to complete the proposal in their own words.
    • If the students are unable to complete the proposal for any reason, please contact William Schrack at NPT (301-279-7275 x11)
  • Be creative: video entries, artwork, and photos are encouraged as part of the entry!
  • Cover letters from teachers are also encouraged, but not required.

Contest winners will receive:

  • Funding for one park experience including school bus transportation, park-related fees, supplies for park stewardship project, or anything else students feel would enhance their educational parks experience.
  • Official award certificate and KTP stickers for students.
  • A classroom Buddy Bison, our pint-sized woolly mascot, to take on your park adventure.
  • A opportunity to have a student-written article about the experience featured on our website, in our e-newsletter, or in Buddy Bison's Buzz.
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