On Saturday morning, April 13th, the sun was out and the weather was warm. It was a beautiful setting for us to cast out our lines to try and catch some fish in the Anacostia River. 

Our journey began on campus where we gathered before taking the metro from Howard to Navy Yard-Ballpark. It was packed with people heading to see the game but we knew the catch was guaranteed to be better out on the river. With the floating piers at Diamond Teague Park primed for us to pull up some treasures, we eagerly gathered around to get a fishing rod to bait.

The first lesson was simple patience. As we cast our lines into the water, we calmed down from the initial excitement of it all and began to meditate as our bait sat out in the water. We sat there, feeling the gentle rocking of the floating pier and hearing the sound of the water flowing. It was a moment of stillness. It was a time to slow down, to relax, and to appreciate the beauty of everything around us.

Our guides from the DOEE were extremely helpful at every step, offering tips and good vibes. Then, it happened (not for me…). With a sudden pull, a swift tug, and the happy shouts of success one by one, the students began to reel in their prizes. The fish were caught by many students who had never been fishing before, and their perseverance and patience brought them success.

The highlight of the day was seeing my schoolmates catching fish. They smiled as they held up their catches for the camera. The photos speak for themselves. As we packed up and headed back, the conversations were about doing it again and how much fun they had which was inspiring. 

We are very thankful to the DOEE guides whose expertise and patience made this day possible. Their instruction was 10/10 and we would like to thank the fellow bison that came out and enjoyed this beautiful experience with us.

What a great day to be a Bison outside!