Buddy Bison had a wonderful Spring Break visiting the National Parks of the Carolinas! He started his trip with a visit to Great Smoky Mountain National Park (NC). Buddy Bison had a great time seeing the beautiful mountains and breathing in that fresh mountain air. It was especially cool because he got to be on the borderline of Tennessee and North Carolina. He was really happy about it.

Then Buddy Bison headed down to South Carolina. There he visited Congaree National Park which is one of the smaller parks. He loved it though because there is a really great hike on a boardwalk. He saw amazing hardwood trees that grow in the floodplain of the Congaree River. The hike takes you to a pretty lake and all throughout the trees. Buddy Bison’s favorite part was when he got to a section that was full of palmettos. Even though South Carolina’s nickname is the Palmetto State, it was still really surprising to see them there so Buddy Bison stopped for a picture.

Buddy Bison had such an amazing trip. You should go to the Smoky Mountains and Congaree too!