Megan Bruhn and Madison Fearon

Our photography workshop at Trexler Nature Preserve and Lehigh Valley Zoo was a huge success! It was a gorgeous, warm sunny day and all twelve participants were excited to learn to use the DSLR cameras we brought. When we arrived on site, Madison and I handed out the cameras and provided basic instructions on how to capture wildlife and landscapes through photography. 

We spent the first half of the trip at the Lehigh Valley Zoo, allowing everyone to get comfortable with their cameras, while the staff at the zoo provided interesting facts about the various animals. The crowd favorites were the otters, who were super active, as well as the giraffes that were fed while we were there. After a snack break, the group drove across a stream to the Trexler Nature Preserve and began our hike.

The trail we took led us to open fields of buffalo and elk, allowing us to get super close to the wildlife! We had an amazing encounter with a large buffalo that came right up to the fence line and everyone was able to capture some great pictures. People were happy to make connections with animals, all while learning about photography and how to catch nature‚Äôs most picturesque moments.