On Sunday, April 21st, Sam and I hosted our last National Park Trust outing where we led a group of students from Muhlenberg College as they embarked on a six-mile rafting journey through the beautiful Delaware Water Gap. Despite the chillier weather than usual, the enthusiasm of seventeen students was undeterred as we joined Edge of the Woods Outfitters for an engaging ride from Smithfield Beach to Kittatinny Point within the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Center.

Upon arriving, we met up with two park rangers, Anna Grismer, an Education Technician, and Jodie Grier, a Visual Information Specialist. With their guidance, the students not only navigated the rapids but also delved into discussions about potential career paths within the Park Service and other federal job opportunities. Lunchtime became an informal seminar as students learned about various roles and opportunities available, adding an educational dimension to their adventurous outing.

As they traversed down the river, we were treated to sightings of numerous bird species, including ducks, geese, and the majestic sight of two bald eagles soaring overhead. The serenity of the natural surroundings provided a welcome respite from the impending stress of finals week, allowing the students to immerse themselves fully in the beauty of the outdoors. After arriving at our destination, Kittatinny Point, we shared some laughs and pictures before saying goodbye to our dedicated rangers and trekking back to campus. For many, this trip served their first time rafting. We hope that this experience brought our peers to continue to explore the outdoors and their sense of adventure.