Hello, it’s Kingston. I would love to tell you how I got my first Jr. Ranger badge!

First I went to the National Park Service website and I printed off the worksheet for the Junior Ranger program. Then, my family and I went to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge in Adams County, Colorado. 

I got to go on a cool scavenger hunt and, once I completed my tasks on my scavenger sheet, I turned in my paper to the ranger there. After checking that all of my answers were correct I received my badge!

The scavenger hunt was really cool.  The first thing that I had to do on the scavenger hunt was to find an old radio, an old telephone, a bald eagle, and then a red-tailed hawk. These were some of the cool tasks and objects that I learned about and discovered.  I also saw a bunch of prairie dog homes and learned a ton of facts about eagles and other animals native to the region.

We also got to see some bison when we were walking on the trail and got to see different types of grass. Bison are absolutely huge!!!

There are multiple cool places all over the world to explore, and there are over 400 national parks, so try to find one near you!