I had the chance to visit Amistad National Recreation Area. I learned a lot there, like the three rivers that flow into Amistad Reservoir; Pecos River, Rio Grande River, and the Devil’s River. Then the water goes through Amistad Dam which is operated by the US and Mexico. Finally, this water reaches the Gulf of Mexico. 

Monarch butterflies migrate through Amistad NRA on their way to Mexico. Monarch Butterflies are orange and black with white dots. The Monarch caterpillar also eats milkweed, so I think I will plant milkweed in my garden next year. 

Buddy Bison and I took a hike with my mom. We walked along the Amistad Reservoir shoreline. I found a shiny rock but as a good junior ranger, I left it for others to enjoy. The water was chilly so I didn’t take a swim but I bet it would be a great place to swim in the Texas summers. During our hike, I saw some wildlife; lizards, birds nests, and a not so wild kitten. The most exciting part of my day was losing my tooth on our hike. 

Amistad NRA is a diverse park with opportunities to explore and learn. It’s also a great place for recreation like boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, and losing teeth. I would like to thank the rangers and volunteers who work hard to protect the Amistad NRA for us and future generations.