My family at Yellowstone National Park

This Fall, my Grandpa and Grandma flew into Phoenix, Arizona. That night we rented a car and headed to Grand Teton National Park which was 15 hours away. We got there early in the morning and explored Jackson Hole. To start off the trip we saw a bald eagle diving in the Yellowstone River catching fish. We got to see the beginning of fall with some colors in the aspens. We saw tons of bison with a beautiful mountain view of the Tetons in the back. As the sun went down we drove through Yellowstone heading toward Mammoth Hot Springs. We had the opportunity to stay in a cabin and here and see the bull elk right in front of our cabin. My grandparents are from Florida and had never left the state before, so they had no clue what elk or bison were! They had also never stayed in a cabin before, so that was an amazing experience to share with them.

The next day we explored Yellowstone National Park. We started off by going to see Mammoth Hot Springs. Being with elderly people, the boardwalk up to the hot spring is a short and easy walk. My Grandma said that was her favorite part of the trip. After that, we ate Huckleberry ice cream which tastes absolutely amazing. We went to Old Faithful and saw the geyser erupt. To finish off the trip we drove through Hayden Valley and saw a pack of wolves. My grandparents don’t really like walking so at the national parks’ scenic drives are the best for us. That night we drove to Glacier National Park.

When we got to Glacier we stopped at Lake MacDonald and saw spectacular views and a beautiful lake. We drove the Going to the Sun Road and saw a heard of mountain goats. If you pull off on Logan Pass, there is a lot of hiking available. We drove to Many Glacier and saw a moose right on the trail.

My grandparents and the rest of my family never thought that they would ever make it out west to any National Parks, especially because of their old age and health problems, but they proved us wrong! They also proved that anyone can travel and visit National Parks. The trip to Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier will be an unforgettable experience that we will remember forever.

My family