On April 13th, Nicole and I led our second National Park Trust trip of the semester alongside 10 enthusiastic UCF students. Thanks to UCF’s Outdoor Adventure program, we delved into a day of fishing and kayaking amidst the tranquil mangroves of the Canaveral National Seashore’s backyard.

Our diverse group of participants, united by a shared passion for exploration, eagerly embraced the day’s activities with an infectious energy. With fishing rods in hand and spirits high, we set out on a mission: to reel in the catch LOTS of fish! And oh, what a catch it was! Upon arriving at River Breeze Park, our group successfully caught and released more than 15 puffer fish, toadfish, and catfish! Following our fishing escapade, it was time to switch gears and take to the waters in tandem kayaks. With teamwork, we unloaded our kayaks and took off on a picturesque paddle through the winding waterways of the mangroves. As we navigated through the serene pathways, the rhythmic sounds of paddles dipping into the water provided a soothing backdrop to the breathtaking natural scenery that surrounded us.

The most rewarding aspect of the day was the opportunity to connect and create lasting memories. Bringing together individuals from various backgrounds and experiences, our outing catalyzed new friendships and shared adventures. For each participant, this excursion will undoubtedly stand as a cherished moment in their college journey—a testament to the power of outdoor exploration.