Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park, TX

In November 2022, the National Park Service contacted the Park Trust seeking real estate expertise and funding for the acquisition. Since this was the highest land acquisition priority of the park, the Park Trust was able to work quickly to complete an appraisal and survey and purchase the land. The deed was transferred in August 2023 when the Park Trust sold the land to NPS. In addition to preserving the history of LBJ, the house on the property will also provide much-needed housing for park officials. 

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park preserves the story of the life of the 36th U.S. president. It includes his reconstructed birthplace, boyhood home, grandfather’s house, grade school, and the ranch and house in Blanco, TX, often called the “Texas White House.” In 1972, the Johnsons donated the Blanco ranch to NPS and the American people. After the president died in 1973, his wife, Lady Bird Johnson, continued to live at the ranch part-time until her death in 2007. President Johnson and Lady Bird are buried across from their ranch house.

Project Details:

Project Years: 2022-2023 

Parcel Size: .47 acres 

Project Cost: $330,000

Value to the Park and Public:
  • Protects historic neighborhood/landscape from intrusion by development; historic scene remains intact
  • Preserves house important to the period of President Johnson’s boyhood
  • Provides badly needed housing for park employees or interns
Maps of the project area