Washington, D.C. (May 17, 2024) – This weekend, National Park Trust will celebrate the fourteenth year of Kids to Parks Day, a national day of outdoor play held annually on the third Saturday in May. National Park Trust has teamed up with the American Academy of Pediatrics to promote the many physical and mental health benefits of getting outdoors and enjoying nature and parks.

Families are urged to explore new parks, public lands, and waters, or return to a favorite park for a day filled with outdoor activities. The Park Trust hopes that these experiences will inspire families to plan park trips and outdoor fun throughout the summer months, because kids need parks, and parks need kids!

“Research shows that physical activity improves mental health and wellbeing in children and teenagers. Children need a number of things to thrive and be healthy, including nutritious food and safe spaces for physical activity, like parks to hike and play in. That’s why the AAP is partner on Kids to Parks Day, and also why the AAP advocates for safe outdoor parks and playgrounds for all children in every community.”

American Academy of Pediatrics spokesperson Christopher F. Bolling, MD, FAAP

“Kids to Parks Day is the perfect time for families to get outdoors, be active, and engage in memorable outdoor experiences. Kids to Parks Day is the perfect kick-off to summer park exploration – a time for kids to learn about park stewardship, outdoor recreation, and STEM all while enjoying the health benefits of being in nature.”

Grace Lee, executive director of National Park Trust

Visit National Park Trust’s website, to learn more about Kids to Parks Day, find events happening near you, and download free park activity guides.


National Park Trust’s mission is to preserve parks today and create park stewards for tomorrow. Since 1983, the Park Trust has acquired many of the missing pieces of our national parks, benefiting 53 national park sites. Our national youth education and family initiatives, including our Buddy Bison Programs and National Kids to Parks Day, serve hundreds of Title I schools annually and cultivate future park stewards. We believe that our public parks, lands, and waters should be cared for, enjoyed, and preserved by all for current and future generations. Find out more at


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