Programs Coordinator


Annaliese grew up in Vienna, Virginia. Her early experiences with rock climbing and hiking in Northern Virginia laid the foundation for her love of the outdoors. This passion continued to grow during her college years at James Madison University, where she explored activities such as mountain biking, snowboarding, and camping in the Shenandoah Valley. In 2021, Annaliese joined National Park Trust as a College Ambassador. During her two academic years as a College Ambassador, Annaliese discovered the joy of enabling others to experience and appreciate the beauty of local, state, and national parks.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, she began pursuing a career in software sales. While it was both fun and rewarding, Annaliese felt a longing to return to the outdoor industry. Recognizing the significance of her passion, she found her way back to National Park Trust.

As the Programs Coordinator, Annaliese oversees National Park Trust’s military and college programs. These programs aim to promote stewardship and engagement with public lands and waters. Her position allows her to combine her business acumen with her love for the outdoors, contributing to the preservation of natural spaces and facilitating meaningful experiences for others.