Administrative Coordinator

(301) 279-7275 ext. 10

Cameron was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and fostered a love for the environment at an early age. She often went hiking or camping, and as she grew older, began visiting parks outside of Washington State. Being able to be so closely connected with nature and the outdoors has led Cameron to pursue ways to help spread awareness of how important preservation and conservation are in protecting the environment.

As a result of this passion, Cameron graduated from the University of Washington Bothell with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and a minor in Ecological Restoration. As part of her undergraduate career, Cameron is a co-author of a paper titled “Potential impacts of floating wind turbine technology for marine species and habitats”. Throughout her undergraduate years, Cameron also worked at her university as a Program Assistant for the community-engaged learning office. After graduating, she also had the opportunity of supporting the Environmental Education and Research Center at St. Edward State Park..

As the Administrative Coordinator at the National Park Trust, Cameron supports the National Park Trust team as the backbone of operations. She also works closely with Grace Lee, Executive Director, in coordinating and organizing events, meetings, and board communications.