Berwind Group (Retired)

Potomac, MD

Hellene Runtagh was formerly President and CEO of Berwind Group, a diverse company with global businesses in pharmaceutical services, life science automation, industrial manufacturing, real estate, and natural resources. Prior to joining Berwind in 2001, Hellene served as Executive Vice President at Universal Studios and President and CEO of GE Information Services.

Hellene received a BA in Liberal Arts from Pennsylvania State University, where she was honored in June 2001 as a Distinguished Alumni. Hellene previously served on the Board of Directors of multiple public companies including Harman International, and she is currently a director on the board of Lincoln Electric Company. Hellene serves on the Liberal Arts Council of Pennsylvania State University.

“Growing up in a small town in central Pennsylvania, my family activities centered around exploring and enjoying the local parks. I am excited to join the talented NPT team who is dedicated to preserving our national parks and introducing the magic of these parks to the under-served children in our beautiful country.”