Development Coordinator


Lana was born and raised in southern California, spending time exploring the beaches and mountains in her backyard whenever she could. She took advantage of the diverse environment by surfing, snorkeling, skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and camping in parks across the state, from Yosemite to the Channel Islands.

After getting the travel bug at an early age, Lana spent her college years living in Asia and traveling around the world. She fell in love with the diversity of nature throughout the world, from mangrove forests in Thailand to rainforests in Australia. Seeing the impact and beauty of the natural world firsthand, Lana has made it her dream to educate people about the importance of the environment and keep national parks as breathtaking as they are today for generations to come.

Lana is currently the Development Coordinator for National Park Trust, where she supports donors to help further the Park Trust’s mission of protecting and growing our national parks and creating park stewards for tomorrow. Lana is enthused by her work and is proud to be a part of a mission to inspire future nature lovers like herself to care for our parks.