Land Preservation Specialist


Margaret spent her early years in the Chicago suburbs, where exploring local forest preserves with her family instilled in her a strong connection with nature. Her family relocated to Maryland, which would become their home base between overseas posts and a central point from which to explore the region’s natural and historic places, including those protected as National Battlefields, Historical Parks, Parks, Scenic Trails, and Seashores.

Seeing the importance of protecting open spaces in both the U.S. and abroad strengthened Margaret’s interest in conservation and environmental protection. Through positions with the State of Maryland, local governments, and land trusts, she has enjoyed working on the protection of private lands and the natural resources and agricultural values they sustain. As the Land Preservation Specialist, she supports National Park Trust in acquiring parcels of land adjacent to or inside parks and ensuring their transfer to the National Park Service. She is enthusiastic about working to expand the National Park System for the benefit of all.

Margaret earned her Bachelor of Arts in U.S. History from the University of Maryland at College Park (UMCP), her J.D. with a concentration in environmental law from the University of Maryland at Baltimore, and her Master’s in Community Planning with a specialization in land use and environmental planning from UMCP.