Bank of America

Scottsdale, AZ

27 years ago, I moved from midtown Manhattan to Arizona. I found two loves in Arizona: my wife LeAnna, and the Grand Canyon. My soul yearns for sunrise in the Grand Canyon. This love of hiking and exploring took on additional elements over time. Soon, a jeep came into the mix, which allowed me to expand my exploration in spectacular places like Canyon De Chelly, Arches, Sequoia, Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Canyon Lands, Moab, Big Bear, Aspen, Sedona, and more. A great day for me is in my jeep, hiking shoes on and camera in hand, experiencing National Parks and outdoor ecosystems. Each year, we base camp for a week in a national park and spend the week hiking 10-plus miles a day. I love hiking so much that I recently signed up for my first endurance event ever called “29029.” You have 36 hours to climb a mountain 13 times to reach the elevation height of Mt. Everest.

Rafting trips through the Grand Canyon and exploring many side canyons on foot have been some of my most spiritual moments. Sleeping on a beach in the Grand Canyon while the Colorado River rushes past and stars filling the sky between the canyon walls fills my soul with warmth.

In my day job at Bank of America Private Bank, I help Philanthropists, Foundations, and Nonprofits with Financial and Philanthropic clarity. Helping others achieve the impact in the world they seek is the most fulfilling about my job. It comes in many shapes and forms. This complexity of the challenges in our world has led me to pursue more education. I have a Master’s Degree in sustainability at ASU and am currently pursuing my Ph.D. at Prescott College. My research sits at the intersection of Sustainable Finance and Environmental and Social Justice. In my capacity as a Boardsource Certified Governance Consultant, I help nonprofit boards be strong stewards of their mission through deep understanding and lots of education focused on their roles and responsibilities.