In 1993, the Park Trust helped preserve 15 acres on the Colonial National Parkway at Colonial National Historical Park. The Park Trust loaned The Conservation Fund $50,000 for initial funding to purchase the last 20 lots in the Page Landing subdivision. The property was along and directly adjacent to the Colonial Parkway, so houses built there would be visible to motorists in the park.

Transfer of the property to the National Park Service created a wooded buffer between the subdivision and parkway, maintaining a wooded, rural landscape along that section of the road. One of the lots contained an archeological site, which was protected by the sale to the NPS.

Photo of property
Map of the property in relation to Williamsburg, VA

Project Details:

Project Years: 1993 – 1994

Parcel Size: 15 acres

Project Cost: $675,000

Long Term Significance:

  • The natural wooded appearance of the parkway was permanently preserved on that section of the parkway
  • An archeological site on the land is permanently protected for documenting and/or study

Value to the Public:

  • The public can enjoy a rural driving experience without the intrusion of modern houses
  •  The tree buffer on the acquired land can reduce the noise levels from the adjoining neighborhood.
Map showing the properties acquired through this project