In 1997, the Park Trust helped preserve 37 acres at Craters of the Moon National Monument, including a section of Cottonwood Creek, the primary source of potable water for the park. The addition of the land to the park placed the entire creek drainage under NPS management, ensuring the preservation of water quality in the stream. The Park Trust donated the funds for the purchase and associated costs of acquiring the acreage.

Photo of property protected

The property added creekside vegetation and aspen and cottonwood groves to the park, enhancing the diversity of habitat. Moving the property from private hands to the NPS removed concerns from potential impacts from illegal grazing and hunting in that section of the park.

Project Details:

Project Years: 1997

Parcel Size: 37 acres  

Project Cost: approx. $18,000

Long term significance:

  • A remaining section of the primary potable water source in the park is permanently protected, ensuring NPS management of the entire stream and drainage inside the park
  • Adds additional riparian wildlife habitat to the park, and allows management of the entire vegetation corridor along Cottonwood Creek inside the park

Value to the public:

  • The public has permanent access to potable water of high quality at the park
  • The Cottonwood Creek watershed and stream are preserved for the enjoyment of future generations
Map of property location relative to Route 20 in Idaho
Blazing Star, a flower found at the park
A Badger found at the park