In 2001, National Park Trust supported the acquisition of an 80-acre property within Joshua Tree National Park. The land was an undeveloped section of the Mojave Desert, and part of a mosaic of private and national parkland.

The Park Trust supplied funding to buy the property as part of an overall effort to consolidate undeveloped private land inside the park and reduce the mosaic of ownership. The purchase joined the property with national parkland, furthering the effort to preserve natural lands and manage them uniformly under the National Park Service’s ownership. The ability to manage the whole landscape, instead of scattered pieces of land, benefits plant and animal communities within the park.

Project Details:

Project Years: 2000-2001

Parcel Size: 80 acres  

Project Cost: $11,300

Long Term Significance:

  • Acquisition eliminates the mosaic of public and private land, allowing continuity of management. 
  • Removes the possibility of development in a national park, and possible resultant impacts on park land.

Value to the Public:

  • Visitors have a permanent scenic view of the desert.
  • More land available to public access.
Original press release about the park project, circa 2001
Bat found at Joshua Tree National Park
Mountain lion found at Joshua Tree National Park

Map of the location in relation to the City of Coachella