In 2012, National Park Trust helped preserve 30 acres within Zion National Park on the northwest side of the base of Tabernacle Dome. The Dome rises about 2,500 feet above the property.

The Park Trust supplied the funding for research and documentation to ensure the property met federal standards that would allow the National Park Service to take ownership. The property became part of Zion National Park in 2013.

The purchased property, which is adjacent to the federally designated Zion Wilderness, was saved from private development.  The closest private property inside the park to the 30 acres has been developed as commercial lodging (about 600 feet away).  Another private lot inside the park has been developed as a large luxury home.

Project Details:

Project Years: 2012-2013

Parcel Size: 30 acres  

Project Cost: approx. $835,000

Long Term Significance:

  • Land will be permanently protected from development. 
  • Adds a permanent buffer of undeveloped land along the wilderness boundary.

Value to the public 

  • The public has permanent access to the additional park land along the Tabernacle Dome.
Map of Tabernacle Dome within Zion National Park
Desert Bighorn found within the park
American Dipper found within the park