Rent the Buddy Bison Mascot Costume

Have an upcoming kid-friendly event that promotes getting outdoors? Enhance your event experience by renting our Buddy Bison mascot costume. Buddy Bison loves to visit parks, schools, and community gatherings of all sizes– contact us today!

About Buddy Bison

Since 2009, Buddy Bison has been the official mascot of the National Park Trust’s Buddy Bison School Program. This woolly, lovable Bison was selected to represent the Park Trust out of pride for our parks- the American bison is an ecologically important national park resident and our national mammal. Buddy Bison’s mission is to help encourage kids and their families to “explore outdoors, the parks are yours!”

Request Buddy Bison for your Event
We ask that you please give the National Park Trust a minimum of two weeks notice for all mascot requests. Interested parties should begin by reviewing our rental agreement and the details below.

A few details:

  1. Rental fee: we do ask for a $175 wear and tear donation plus shipping due prior to the event. We can either add the shipping fee to your rental fee or use a shipping account you provide (i.e. UPS, FedEx).
  2. Mascot guidelines: The costume must be worn following our guidelines to ensure the best overall Buddy Bison experience.
  3. Social media: Boost your event by connecting with Buddy Bison’s fans online. The borrower must use the correct social media tags for Buddy Bison and National Park Trust. Examples.
  4. Rental Feedback: After your event we ask that all borrowers fill out our feedback form to help ensure rental quality.

For more information or to rent a Buddy Bison Costume, please contact Natalie Moon: (301) 279-7275 ext. 22 or at