Last year, I visited the beautiful Grand Teton National Park near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was
late February during my winter break, and my mom had signed us up to go on a snowmobile
tour of the Tetons. I was so excited to see all the beautiful scenery and animals. I woke up that
morning to get dressed for the frigid and bitter winter. I looked like a massive balloon with all
the gear I had on because of the sub-0-degree temperature. We drove to where our tour was
going to take place. We were with a group of about 15 people. The tour guide showed us how
to work the snowmobile. It was two people per snowmobile. I went with my dad, and my mom
had to go with the tour guide. We then began driving up along a forest. The trees swayed and
shook with the wind, and the snowmobile engine roared. We drove for a while until we reached
the edge of a mountain. The tour guide told us to look up at the top of the mountain. I looked
up, and I saw mountain goats. All of them were unphased by us or the winter. They were eating
ferns and engulfed in snow. The tour guide told us we had a bit longer until we reached an elk
refuge. Meanwhile, during the drive, I could observe the stunning mountains that peeked over
the tall trees.
Until all of a sudden, we came to a complete stop. We are in the back of the group, so I am
bewildered until I saw it. Standing in front of the path is a brown and furry moose. The moose
trotted along with its long legs and muscular body into the dense forest. At this point, I was in
complete shock. It made me feel very small, smaller than I already was. We then continued
until we reached the elk refuge. Thousands of elk had gathered around to find warmth and
food. There were so many of them. It ranged from bulls (male elk), cows (female elk), and
calves (baby elk). This site was incredible; seeing them safe in this refuge improved this
experience. After this, we began driving back to our starting point, seeing the same mountain
goats and beautiful scenery. This expedition was an experience that I will remember forever. It
is so important to see all the beautiful parks have to offer.