Hi, I am Ryan Mossadeghi, a 9th grader living in Georgia. This is my second year as a Student Ambassador for the National Park Trust. My favorite park activities are, playing frisbee golf, photography, hiking, and chasing squirrels with my dog Zoomer!

I think that parks are very important because they provide a home for many animals and plants. Without parks, we would not be able to enjoy all the beautiful things that live in there. Parks help bring people together, like when you have a family picnic or go running or hiking with a friend.

Public lands and parks are worth saving because it benefits not just us, but the environment. Parks help protect endangered animals and also help environmental scientists to research more about the ecosystem in that park. Also, if we have more parks with more trees it helps by putting more oxygen in the air, and removing more carbon dioxide All in all, parks are amazing and are free for everyone one to enjoy and explore!

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