Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is one of my favorite parks, because of the rich history, the sights, and the culture there.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was established in 1961 and occupies an area of 505 square miles. It also includes two active volcanoes Mauna Loa, and Kilauea. Living in Hawaii allows my family access to this amazing national park, and it is so cool. We learned a lot of the history and facts we didn’t know before. I also went to this national park with my 3rd-grade class, and it was one of the best times ever. We went hiking, sightseeing, and even went bowling. Every single classmate found something they enjoyed.

West Vent Within Halemaʻumaʻu Crater

If you didn’t know, there is a legend about a fire Goddess named Pele. Legend has it that Pele herself journeyed on her canoe from the island of Tahiti to Hawaiʻi. When on her journey, it was said she tried to create fires on different islands, but her sister, Nāmaka, was chasing her, wanting to put an end to her. In the end, the two sisters fought each other, and Pele was killed. With this happening, her body was destroyed but her spirit lives in Halemaʻumaʻu on Kilauea. They say, “Her body is the lava and steam that comes from the
volcano”. She can also change form, appearing as a white dog, old woman, or beautiful young woman. When I first heard this, my brother and I were very interested so we went around learning new facts about the volcanoes. One of my favorite things to do at the park is to go up at night and you can see tons upon tons of stars and constellations. This amazed my whole family.

If you ever visit there, here are some tips you will need for the best experience. I recommend taking a tour because they give you a detailed explanation and view, with the best sights to see and facts to learn. Also, I recommend staying a few nights to get the whole experience. We camped outside one time as well as stayed in hotel lodging. If you ever visit Hawaii, make sure to check out this National Park. You will have a lot of fun, on the big island.