Why should you not litter?

First, littering is illegal. There could be a fine for littering in some places! When trash getting into nature, it might hurt wildlife if they try to eat it. It is hard to pick all of it up because it takes money to pay workers. Also, people like clean parks better because they can enjoy them more.

It is good to have reusable items like metal water bottles and reusable bags. You won’t have to worry about finding a trash can or littering. If you do have trash you should make sure it goes in a trash can. If you have things that can be recycled, you should look for a recycling
bin. Some parks don’t have recycling or even trash cans. Then you have to take it with you to recycle or throw away at home.

You can help at your local parks and neighborhoods with a grabber or gloves! These will help you pick up litter safely. You could also play a game with your friends and family to see who can pick up the most trash in a certain amount of time. See who can get to ten things first or who can find the most variety of colors and materials. Who has the smallest or biggest thing? Let’s all join in to help keep our world clean!