This winter I went to Breckenridge, Colorado, for my dad’s birthday vacation trip. This trip was super fun, and just an all-around good experience. This was my first time going to the mountains in years and I can’t wait to tell you how much fun I had.

Ambassadors Ace and Kingston snowboarding.

In Breckenridge, CO, we went to the mountains to snowboard, which is one of the many great things to do in Colorado. Other things you might consider are skiing, hiking, sightseeing, or just enjoying views of the Rocky Mountains. I think snowboarding is the best experience. We stayed in the Grand Lodge on Peak 7 which gave us great access to the slopes. In the morning we took a gondola over to Peak 8 and my family and I started to shred. We started on a training hill and worked our way up to the “blue” runs, (I fell a lot). After about 2 hours my dad, my little brother, and I got on a ski lift and went up really high to a “blue” run. As I looked over my shoulder I saw the clouds as we went higher than them, and the other skiers and snowboards going down the hill. Once I got off the lift and looked down over the mountain, I felt like I was on top of the world. It took us about 20 minutes to get down but it was so worth it.

After we finished for the day, the hotel we were staying at had an indoor/ outdoor heated pool. So you know me, I had to jump in with my brother Kingston. This pool had a slide that we used and had a nice hot tub. We stayed in the hot tub most of the time but the slide was super fun. This trip, however, was just one of the things the Rocky Mountains have to offer.

The Rocky Mountains span 3,000 miles and are estimated to be about 80 million years old. The Rocky Mountains start in Alberta, Canada, and end in Mexico City, Mexico. Two cool facts that you probably didn’t know is that the Rocky Mountains hide a supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park. Also, they mark the Continental Divide. In the Rocky Mountains, you could go hiking, sightseeing, do winter activities, and even go camping. The Rocky Mountains have so much to offer.

I hope that if you ever visit Colorado, you take a nice trip to the Rocky Mountains.