Los Angeles, CA

Hi, my name is Cian! I am 11 years old and currently in 5th grade.  I live in Los Angeles, California. I first visited a national park when I was just 4 years old. I did the Junior Ranger Program and was obsessed. After that first visit, my mom and I visited all the national park sites around us in Southern California and began seeking them out wherever we went.

I love spending time camping, hiking, backpacking, and bike riding in our national parks. I also love taking photos of all the animals I see. I have been to 24 national parks and 14 national monuments with hopes to visit many more in the coming years.

Besides spending time in the national parks, I try to get outdoors as much as I can. It makes me feel happy to be in nature, listening to the sounds, looking for wildlife and learning about the different plants. I have learned so much from my visits to the national parks through ranger talks and the Junior Ranger program. This is why I feel it is so important to protect the parks. If we don’t preserve the unique trees, amazing canyons, and awesome wildlife, they will not be here for future generations to see and learn about.

You can follow me on my blog below and Instagram at @outdoorswithcian.