In 1992, National Park Trust loaned initial funding to the Civil War Trust (name change to National Battlefield Trust) to ensure the purchase of 56 acres of land between School House Ridge and Bolivar Heights and transfer to the National Park Service. The parcel was planned as a 118-townhouse development.

Confederate and Union forces exchanged fire during the Battle of Harpers Ferry on September 13-15, 1862. The property acquired was the area of the battlefield across which the armies fired between the Ridge and Heights during the fighting. About 12,500 Union troops surrendered to Confederate Major General Stonewall Jackson after the battle, on September 15.

Map of property, relative to the park’s visitor center
View from the Harper House

Project Details:

Project Years: 1992 – 1998

Parcel Size: 56 acres

Project Value: $440,000

Long Term Significance:

  • Original battle ground preserved, permanently protected from development 
  • Preservation of land eliminated potential developed property inside the park
  • Any archeological material on-site is protected

Value to the Public:

  • Visitors can see the sweep of the battlefield from School House Ridge to Bolivar Heights without the visual interruption of a housing development
  • Hiking trails have been established on the property, adding open land for recreational access
Panoramic view of Harpers Ferry