Our Values (DEI)

Together We Can Make Public Parks, Lands, and Waters Accessible to All

National Park Trust’s mission is to preserve parks today and develop park stewards for tomorrow. Our programs advance public parks, lands, and waters as spaces that are welcoming and accessible to every person in every community. We believe that our public parks, lands, and waters should be cared for, enjoyed by, and preserved by all for current and future generations. 

We are committed to expanding the number and diversity of those who use our nation’s parks. We do this by engaging people of diverse backgrounds and abilities in educational outdoor experiences that inspire confidence that “the parks belong to me, and I belong in the parks”. It is central to our mission to incorporate the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into the fabric of our work. Our vision is that everyone will experience the endless possibilities of our public parks, lands, and waters.


Diversity: The history of our nation is complex, and every one of our nation’s parks has a story. These stories are sometimes inspiring, sometimes difficult, but always illuminating. We are committed to helping people of all communities see themselves and others in these stories – not just to understand our collective past, but also to create a healthier, more inclusive future for all. Telling stories for all about our public parks, lands and waters require diverse perspectives. We seek diversity in thought, background, and experience among our staff, board of trustees, donors, and partners. Diversity within our organization informs our programming, strengthens our partnerships, and enables us to effectively serve diverse communities and stakeholders. 

Preservation: We help preserve units of the National Park Service by acquiring and transferring important land parcels to complete parks and protect their purpose. Sustaining that preservation for the long term requires a pipeline of future park stewards and supporters that is built on the rich and growing diversity of our population. Our nationally recognized Buddy Bison Programs, Kids to Parks Day, and other initiatives help kids and families feel hopeful, prepared, and inspired to become part of America’s most diverse generation of park stewards. We are working towards a future where all communities appreciate the importance of preserving and caring for vital environmental, cultural, and historic sites and open spaces.

Equity and Inclusion: We are committed to improving equity of access to our nation’s public parks, lands, and waters – and to ensuring that people from all communities feel welcome in these places. Our programs connect thousands of children from under-served communities to the great outdoors each year. Whether at home, in the classroom, or on trips to outdoor spaces, we share the magic and the physical, mental and educational benefits of parks with kids who would not otherwise experience them. By connecting under-served communities to these resources and promoting more diverse and inclusive narratives about our outdoor spaces, we foster ever broader use and stewardship of public parks, lands, and waters.

Partnerships: From schools, teachers, charities, and park officials to landowners, government agencies, consultants, and vendors, partnerships are what make our work successful and possible. Our partnerships transform our organization into a nationwide community, all committed to preservation and stewardship. These close working relationships allow us to expand the diverse perspectives that shape our strategy and foster inclusion in the work we do every day.

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