Hi! My name is Joslyn Stamp and this is my fourth year as a National Park Trust Student Ambassador. I am 14 and a freshman in high school. Buddy Bison and I have been on many adventures together such as learning how to churn butter, saving seeds for a grassland prairie, and riding in a covered wagon. 

I live in Nebraska and my home park is Homestead National Monument. My favorite places to visit are where history was made. Thanks to the National Parks Service and National Park Trust, many of our nation’s important historical sites are being preserved.  Hiking and canoeing are some of my favorite things to do outdoors. 

Keeping our parks and environment healthy and clean is a goal of mine. I earned the 2018-2019 Presidential Youth Environmental Award from the Environment Protection Agency for my recycling efforts and was Nebraska’s 2021 Prudential Spirit of Community Middle School Honoree. I am also an active member of Cass County 4-H.  

When I’m not at a State or National Park, you can find me cheerleading for my school or writing as a Kid Reporter for Sports Illustrated Kids.  

I am available for speaking engagements about National Parks for schools and community groups that are located in Nebraska and Iowa. You can follow me on Twitter @JoslynJunior, on Instagram @junior_ranger_joslyn, and on my blog below.

Buddy Bison and I look forward to seeing you at the parks!